Making Women Strong

Posted by on September 4th, 2014

By:  Sean Mayberry | @SeanMayberry

Organization: StrongMinds

StrongMinds Sean Mayberry focuses on one of the most underserved populations and one of the most pervasive mental illnesses in the world. We treat depression among women in Africa, where access for mental health treatment is extremely limited. There are more than 60 million African women who suffer from this debilitating mental illness. We presently operate in Uganda, a post-conflict and highly impoverished country where 1 out of every 4 adults suffers from depression. As the only organization with a model specifically designed to scale a solution for depression in Africa, we provide a simple, innovative and cost effective approach. Group interpersonal psychotherapy, facilitated by trained community workers, is a proven technique which helps these depressed women return to and maintain their full health.

Ultimately, StrongMinds helps women who suffer from depression to turn their lives, and those of their family, around. When StrongMinds helps an African women to be mentally healthy and strong, we help her family to thrive. When StrongMinds helps 25% of the the population to overcome their depression, then entire communities begin to thrive–and begin to become vibrant.