Convener’s Message

This SOCAP community amazes me.

Your passion and commitment have helped us grow from a small group of investors advocating for social return to 2500+ people in the SOCAP community. Now at a tipping point, impact investing has become a widely used buzzword and the driving force for the new economy.

Be a part of the SOCAP14 community.

From Tuesday, September 2 to Friday, September 5, some of the world’s boldest entrepreneurs and investors will join leaders in philanthropy and social impact for the 7th Annual SOCAP Conference. Over these four days, entrepreneurs, experts, and innovators will come together around one theme: “Igniting Vibrant Communities.”

This year’s theme was inspired by SOCAP13 speaker Steve Wright, and reminds us that vibrant communities are the key to creating real impact. Panel topics will include: the new paradigm created by the sharing economy, creating the market that values health, and financial inclusion.

We’re also working to create and improve tools to keep you connected before and after the conference:

  • We’ve added new features to our Pathable app to engage attendees before and during SOCAP14
  • Use the official conference hashtag #SOCAP14 to track conversations on social media

We hope these interactions and intersections will be the spark to ignite new vibrant communities and will continue to enrich existing ones.