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The BioEnergy Revolution

Christopher R Lindstrom, ReSource BioEnergy/BioEnergy Works

As the urgency to transition away from fossil fuels to a post carbon future becomes more dire, BioEnergy has lagged behind the more popular renewable technologies such as solar and wind. But a new generation of bio-energy companies and technologies are paving the way for a new bio-energy future where bio-energy can make up a large proportion of any countries renewable energy portfolio. Contrasted with the large scale, centralized biofuel refineries that have frequently drawn criticism from environmental groups, the new bio-energy revolution is offering a more distributed, local approach to producing bio-energy which offer numerous additional benefits such as waste mitigation, fertilizer and other agricultural bi-products. This session will feature leaders at the frontier of the "new bio-energy revolution" working with an assortment of different bio-energy technologies such as anaerobic digestion, gasification, algae and distillation to provide bio-based and carbon neutral alternatives to all forms of fossil fuel based energy.
bioenergy, biofuel, biogas, biomass, gasification
Christopher R Lindstrom, ReSource BioEnergy
Joe Maceda, Gibbs Energy David Blume, Blume Distillation Gerald Lefebvre, AlgaCem Peter Fusaro, Global Change Associates Jim Mason, All Power Labs

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