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Uncovering the Hidden Power of Self Evident Truth | Building a Values Based Message

Sherri Pittman, Metropolitan Group

Nonprofits, foundations and corporations working to address some of the most wicked problems of our time rely on the power of strong messages and story telling to move people to action and build ongoing support for their work. Too often, organizations find themselves in a place of inertia – unable to gain mindshare and momentum to move to the next level. By uncovering assumptions made about what moves audiences to action, and surfacing truths that seem self evident to those on the inside organizations can build stronger stories and more effective strategies that will galvanize action. In this session, you will learn how to uncover assumptions, identify the central values that drive your audience and work more effectively to mobilize your stakeholders. We envision the session will allow for discussion of broader principles and approach as well as hands-on experiential application of learning. We propose the structure start with a discussion format followed by facilitated small group.
audience engagement, storytelling, Values Based Messaging
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