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Trying to Solve a Big Problem? Make it Bigger

Anna Muoio, Monitor Institute

There isn’t a big problem in the world that’s not linked to other big problems. You can’t tackle education without having the linkages to health, poverty, or incarceration on your radar. To address childhood obesity without opening the aperture to focus on education, poverty, or the state of our food system is to not address it at all. In short, you can’t make significant progress against any one big problem without understanding and acting on the linkages between them. But yet, we mostly fail to do this. Instead we stay in issue silos and then wonder why the big outcome measures aren’t moving. Join our conversation as we explore ways to: (1) Take cues and send signals across boundaries to find new ways to swarm your problem; (2) Understand how the problem you’re trying to crack fits into a broader ecosystem of possibility; (3) Balance the urgency for immediate action with the need to sustain effort for the long haul. This will be a hands-on discussion led by practitioners for practitioners, funders, and movement builders.
cross-sector, innovation, movement-building, problem solving, swarming, systems
Anna Muoio, Monitor Institute Allan Ludgate, Monitor Institute Don Derosby, Monitor Institute

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