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Strategy for Social Entrepreneurs- How to stay the right course

Fernando De Obeso, Salud Fácil

As an Entrepreneur you know that your initial business model and premises will change as your business evolves. However there are instances where taking a different business route despite looking promising might deviate you from your core business. We can talk to this instance as we recently had a situation like this and how as en entrepreneur you have to rely your board to stay the course that best matches your financial and social impact desired.
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Fernando De Obeso- Salud Fácil- Confirmed
Paul Breloff/Tahira Dosani- Accion International - Venture Lab- Not confirmed I have the info. Part of our board Fernando Lelo de Larrea- Venture Partners- Not confirmed I have their info. Part of our board Ezequiel Padilla.Mexico Ventures. Not confirmed I have his info
We will develop an specific 20-30 min presentation for the audience leaving 20-30 min for questions

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