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Making sense of the hype: toys, “pinkification”, and increasing diversity in STEM

Annika Harper, Roominate

Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen, Stanford engineers and founders of Roominate, will share their findings from the front lines of studying girls at play with their wired building kits and discuss the research suggesting the extent to which the toys children play with shape their future job prospects. Alice and Bettina will offer their thoughts about what it will really take to attract and keep females in STEM education/careers. The talk will touch on the hot issues of “chocolate covered broccoli” marketing tactics, the confidence gap, “princess culture,” and policy, with support from scientific data and first-hand accounts.
education, gender gap, marketing, sociology, STEM, toy
Interactive Workshop

Bettina Chen, Co-founder and CTO & COO of Roominate Alice Brooks, Co-founder and CEO of Roominate Peggy Orenstein, Author of the New York Times best-seller Cinderella Ate My Daughter

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