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Be well and do good

Vincent Siciliano, New Resource Bank

There is a popular expression: "do good and do well". However, while we often have the intention to do good , we often fail to achieve. I will present an alternative framework wherein we seek to be well and then do good. The difference reflects a different worldview of where our sense of security and significance should come from. In the economy of the marketplace our self-worth is equated with our net worth: our accomplishments and the approval of others. In the economy of well-being are self-worth flows from our values, relationships, community and connection to spirit .This is important because it is not possible to fundamentally do good as long as our sense of well-being is rooted in the competitive values of the marketplace. Only by finding meaning outside of the marketplace can we then come back and participate in the marketplace from a healthy perspective and truly do good.
conscious economy, Mindfulness, new economy
Not Applicable

Please see the session description below. I would be willing to provide the framework presentation and then invite a couple of panelists who are successfully leading this kind of life to participate. I have not yet spoken to potential panelists but someone such as John Bloom (or Don Shaffer) from RSF social finance or Penelope Douglas or Patricia Rivas-Farrar are possibilities.

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