QoC Health: “Reimagining the Patient Experience”

Posted by on September 5th, 2014

QoC Health has a simple mission, to reimagine the patient healthcare experience.

We imagine an experience where patients have the supports they need to truly, and proactively, participate in their own care. Patients need to be supported in their recovery and managing their chronic conditions by both their communities and peers. Our passion is to drive change, to think about care in new ways, and to put patients at the center. The QoC team lives this passion every day and we’re thankful to be able to represent our company, QoC Health, at SOCAP14. The opportunity to do so on a SOCAP entrepreneurship scholarship is an especially meaningful honor (thank you!).

We know changing healthcare isn’t easy. We know that the road ahead will be difficult. But we’re committed to that road because our contribution to future generations is made by the difficult challenges we’re willing to face today.

The rewards are many, both altruistic and financial. The future will be driven by patients who interact with healthcare systems in entirely new ways: on demand, coordinated, connected. We’re building the technology that will be at the heart of that change. To realize our goals, influencers will need to understand how this technology benefits patients and reduces healthcare costs to help drive adoption and generate policy change. Investors will need to understand how this will result in sustainable business models and generate returns for society and investors. We also need to continue leading, innovating and evolving our patient centered technology. In other words, we need to accelerate!

SOCAP14 represents a real opportunity for us to do exactly that. The theme of this year’s conference is “Igniting Vibrant Communities”. There is no better way to ignite than by bringing together entrepreneurs, influencers, and investors with common goals to spark action. Patients are a passionate community; they’re ready for something better and we’re ready to deliver.

Let’s ignite together!

Raymond Shih – President, QoC Health

Chancellor Crawford – CEO, QoC Health